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Article: Launch of AMEER SAFONE



KUALA LUMPUR, 24 February 2024: "Ameer Safone" brand proudly introduces its inaugural collection of three (3) exclusive perfumes, curated especially for perfume enthusiasts. The launch ceremony with the theme "Celebrating Resilience, the New Beginning" occurred at WORQ KL Sentral.

Ameer Safone is a brand under Ameer Safone Ventures, a Malaysian-based company committed to exploring the local and international fragrance market. YBhg Tan Sri Nazir Razak, former Chairman of CIMB Group, officiated the launch ceremony. Also present at the event were YBhg Datuk (Dr) Ras Adiba Radzi, Founder and President of Persatuan OKU Sentral and Former Senator of Dewan Negara representing the OKU community, and Stephanie Ping, Chief Executive Officer of WORQ.

Amirul Safuan Hj. Mohd Ishak, Chief Executive Officer of Ameer Safone Ventures, said, "I am deeply honoured and humbled to introduce Ameer Safone. I strongly believe the brand has the potential to be part of Malaysia's integral success in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations (UN) and is able to compete through the support of the government. This leaning more economic opportunities, especially for the disabled, to be more actively involved in the country's economic development." 

Sharing about the start of the business, Amirul, who embarked on his entrepreneurial journey a year ago, admitted that the world of perfumes is no stranger to him, given his longstanding passion and collection of perfumes from renowned brands worldwide. "Perfumes hold a special place in my heart because it reminds me of my beloved late mother. Truly, it serves as a time machine, transporting us back to cherished memories or nostalgic moments," said Amirul during Ameer Safone's launch ceremony.

According to Amirul, while he acknowledges the intense competition in the industry, especially for local products, he views it as an opportunity rather than an obstacle to exploring entrepreneurial potential. "Initially, many were skeptical about my ability to enter a new entrepreneurial venture. However, with my banking and financial management background, I leveraged my expertise to venture into this new field. I remain confident and often receive incredible support from various agencies, including fellow entrepreneurs, which encourages me to continue pursuing my ambitions," he said. Amirul highlighted that consumer support through preference campaigns and the purchase of local goods is seen as a bonus for local entrepreneurs, potentially making the Ameer Safone brand a preferred choice for many.

WORQ co-founder and CEO Stephanie Ping shared, "We first met Amirul at one of our famous business speed-networking parties, the WORQ Quarterly NetWORQ event, and were highly impressed by his ability to connect and find collaborators. He managed to leverage the strength of our community and utilized coworking spaces to launch his business. From initially seeking a workspace to his participation in our events, which brought him new connections, Amirul's story is a testament to Malaysia's entrepreneurial spirit and the power of communities in helping individuals achieve their dreams. We are immensely proud of Amirul for his determination. We would like to thank his supporters for making this happen, including Tan Sri Nazir Razak. We express our gratitude to all our community members and supporters and hope to show everyone in Malaysia that entrepreneurship is accessible to anyone, regardless of circumstances. Together, as long as we support each other, we can all succeed”.

"Disability Is Not a Barrier."

In discussing self-motivation and sources of inspiration, Amirul explained that he has never regarded his disability or status as a person with disabilities (PWD or OKU) as an obstacle in building a business empire. Maintaining a positive mindset, Amirul firmly believes that nothing is impossible, and success can be achieved with strong passion and determination.

"Being involved in an accident in 2020 drastically changed my life. Instead of living a normal life, I was bedridden for almost two (2) years. However, I refused to let my physical limitations hinder my success. As a Muslim, I am guided by the belief that Allah SWT has made us rational human beings and outwardly, we have the resilience to thrive. I am deeply grateful to the Social Security Organisation (SOCSO), zakat aid, corporate and community institutions, as well as my family and friends for their unwavering support during my recovery journey," he said.

Amirul believes that there are many experiences and achievements ahead that are yet to be achieved. Therefore, he is determined to rise and pursue success despite his shortcomings. He drew inspiration from numerous successful individuals with disabilities across various fields. "One thing I believe is that we must be creative in this life. Many available technologies today can be utilized to improve OKU's daily activities and be innovative. Many say that if you enter the entrepreneurial field, you will face many risks, but the truth is that risks are involved in every course. The interesting thing in this world of entrepreneurship is that you can control and chart your own journey," he said.  

Amirul also did not deny that the strength and courage he had all this time were inherited from his late mother, who was also involved in the business world and passed on a lot of knowledge that he now utilizes to the very best. "For me, my late mother was indeed a fighter. Despite her battling with a stage four (4) cancer, she could still remain calm and positive, while my father has always been the main supporter. I inherited her spirit and vowed not to give up. I cherish all her advice, knowledge, and will continue to remember everything about her. For that reason, I dedicate Ameer Safone as an epitome of courage and resilience that also symbolises my spirit," he added.

The debut collection features three (3) perfumes: "Srikandi," "Bahaduri," and "Mahkota." Each unique scent was produced using natural ingredients to complement the wearer's personality according to their personality and tastes. "Srikandi" features a sweet aroma that symbolizes elegance, confidence, and femininity. "Bahaduri" features the essence that symbolizes modern man, representing strength, courage, and serenity. "Mahkota" offers a refined sensory journey inspired by Middle Eastern culture, evoking luxury and mystique.

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AMEER SAFONE emerged as a lifestyle brand from Malaysia, focusing on creating beautiful perfumes and fragrances. The genesis of this brand is to weave a narrative of elegance, creativity, and empowerment.

The essence of AMEER SAFONE lies in its unwavering dedication to the art of fragrance-making. This fragrance craft mesmerizes the senses and embodies the values ​​of resilience and progress. Adhering to a commitment to unparalleled quality and cutting-edge appeal, AMEER SAFONE transcends the traditional boundaries of fragrance brands, symbolizing success in overcoming challenges and celebrating the diversity of strengths inherent in each individual.